Last updated: 24 September 2008

Personal Record


Two, born 31.1.88 and 13.8.91

1966-1969 Manchester University: PhD
1963-1966 Birmingham University: BSc
1956-1963 Clee Grammar School

London Mathematical Society
American Mathematical Society
Societe Mathematique de France
Siberian Mathematical Society
British Fulbright Scholars Association

Current Appointment:
Professor of Pure Mathematics, University of Manchester

Visiting Appointments:
1998: Visiting Professor, University of Oregon, Eugene OR, USA
1988: Visiting Professor, University of Washington, Seattle WA, USA
1972-1973: Visiting Assistant Professor, Northwestern University, Evanston IL, USA

Research Visits:
Moscow State University, Russia
Fields Research Institute, Toronto, Canada
University of Memphis, Memphis TN, USA
MIT, Boston MA, USA
USSR Academy of Science, Siberia and Georgia
Universite de Paris-sud, France
University of Chicago, Chicago IL, USA
Centro del IPN, Mexico City
Odense University, Denmark
Goettingen University, Germany


Recent Courses:
Year 1: algebra, trees and networks, classical mechanics, sets and functions
Year 2: algebra, differential equations, discrete mathematics, graph theory
Year 3/4: differential geometry, combinatorics, elliptic functions, 4-dimensional geometry, knot theory
PG: category theory, infinite loop space theory, iterated function systems and fractal geometry
Service: algebra, analysis, calculus, differential equations

I have been involved with several series of Royal Institution Masterclasses in Manchester, giving talks and organising practical classes in Geometry, Topology and General Relativity for 13 year-olds.

In 1995 I was one of the two London Mathematical Society Popular Lecturers, addressing audiences in Manchester, Edinburgh, and London on the subject of Wild Geometry; a commercial videotape was made of this lecture (which can still be rented, or purchased, from the LMS!).


Selected Publications:


Recent Responsibilities:
I was the academic responsible for liaising with planners and architects over the design and construction of the School of Mathematics in the Alan Turing Building
I was Head of Department at VUM during the period 1998-2001
I was Head of the Pure Mathematics Unit at VUM during the period 1995-1998
I was a Departmental Admissions Officer throughout the 1980s, and a member of VUM Senate and VUM Court for much of the 1990s

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