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MATH46101/MATH66101 Numerical Linear Algebra 2020/2021



  • Basics
  • Matrix factorizations
  • Sparse, Banded Systems
  • Linear Least Squares
  • Iterative Solution of Linear Systems
  • Eigenvalue Problem
  • Assignment

    Make sure to read the FAQ about the assignment. For those students who wish to typeset their assignment in LaTeX, you may want to look at Overleaf, which allows you to run LaTeX in a browser without having to install it on your machine.

    Kahoot Quizzes


    Background on MATLAB for those wishing to know more. MSc students: see also the introductory lectures you received about MATLAB.


    I encourage you to typeset the assignment in LaTeX. Some useful links:

    Further Reading

    My What Is series of articles, which are available as blog posts and in PDF form at this GitHub repository, are useful further reading. They cover many of the topics in this course. The following articles are also worth consulting.


    The following list comprises a subset of the textbooks on the syllabus that are available electronically (e-books). Note that you must be either on campus or logged in via VPN in order to access SIAM e-books.

    Links Mentioned in Lectures


    The exam format will be the same as previous years, with a Section A (answer all questions) and a Section B (answer two questions out of three). Note that if more than two questions from Section B are attempted, credit will be given for the first two answers. If you don't want a question to be marked you must cross it out.

    Past papers for the last three years' exams can be found at this University web page.

    Feedback on the last three years' examination is available in these documents:


    Some relevant Twitter feeds are: If you know of any other feeds relevant to this course, please let us know.