Gatlinburg VII Conference on Numerical Linear Algebra, December 11 - 17, 1977, Asilomar, California. From an album of photographs taken by Walter Gander.

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Eric Grosse and Tony Chan Dianne O'Leary, Charlie Van Loan, Cleve Moler, Maurice Cox, (face obscured), Garrett Birkhoff, John Reid, Olof Widlund, Alan Jennings, Bob Ward, Ake Bjorck, Ivo Marek Michael Saunders, David Young, Jim Wilkinson, Wallace Givens, Richard Hanson (obscured),  David Young, Franklin Luk, (obscured), Gene Golub, ?, Roland Sweet (?) Richard Underwood, Charlie Van Loan, Jim Bunch Henryk Wozniakowski, Josef Stoer, Christof Zenger Opening remarks: Gene H. Golub Cleve Moler "LINPACK: Organization, Testing and New Algorithms" Garrett Birkhoff: "Error probabilities of linear systems solvers" Mike Osborne, Jim Wilkinson, Pete Stewart, Charles Lawson, Alston Householder, John Herriot, Randolph Bank, Friedrich L. Bauer, Donald Rose William Kahan: "Why Use Tangents When Secants Will Do?" John Todd introducing Donald Rose: "Structurally recursive numerical algorithms" Alston Householder, Friedrich L. Bauer, A. van der Sluis, Charles Lawson Gene Golub, Garrett Birkhoff Josef Stoer (face obscured), Walter Murray, Mike Heath (?),  Iain Duff (bending down)?, Garrett Birkhoff, Michael Saunders, Tom Manteuffel, Richard Varga, Ake Bjorck, Olof Widlund, Christof Zenger Robert Tarjan: "Generalized nested dissection" Randolph Bank: "An optimal order process for solving elliptic finite element equations" ? , Iain Duff, Ake Bjorck, Henryk Wozniakowski Richard Bartels  (Jim Wilkinson): "On piecewise linear problems".\nBlackboard reads "1/ Professor Polya is 90 tomorrow - if you want to wish him happy birthday sign the card at the back of the room at once.  2/  If you ask questions, please stand up and give your name." Garry Rodrigue: "Odd-even reduction for banded linear systems" (Gene Golub) Miroslav Fiedler: "The inverse eigenvalue problem for symmetric matrices" Ole Hald: "Inverse eigenvalue problems" Session Chairman: Friedrich L. Bauer Marvin Marcus: "Some properties of numerical range" Michael Osborne: "Implementation and application experience with a polyhedral norm exchange algorithm" (Ivo Marek) Peter Deuflhard: "A stepsize control for discrete  ntinuation" (Richard  Varga) Ivo Marek: "One parameter families of positive maps" James Varah: "On the separation of two matrices" Alan Cline: "Relating condition numbers to closest singular matrices" Olga Taussky-Todd (Richard Varga): "Simultaneous triangularization of pairs of matrices and block triangularization of matrices" Maurice Cox Stan Eisenstat, Andrew Sherman, Roland Sweet, Steven Leon Janet Wright, Gene Golub Richard Varga Josef Stoer, Alan Jennings Beresford Parlett: "A new proof of global convergence of tridiagonal QL".\nBlackboard reads "Wed. (tomorrow) 8.15 AM Relaxation methods for large sparse stiff stable systems of O.D.E.'s W. Kahan" David Scott  (Pete Stewart): "Lanczos algorithm with implicit deflation" Alan Jennings: "Hybrid simultaneous iteration/Sturm sequence methods" Charles Van Loan (Wallace Givens): "Matrix computations in control" Robert Ward: "Probablistic roundoff error analysis and the matrix exponential" Josef Stoer: "Extrapolation methods applied to nonlinear Volterra equations of the second kind" Wallace Givens, Alston Householder, Beresford Parlett, Fritz Bauer, William Kahan Foreground: Jim Bunch, David Gay, Walter Murray (background, in red coat)), Robert Tarjan Magnus Hestenes, Wallace Givens Michael Saunders, David Young, Jim Wilkinson, Wallace Givens, Richard Hanson Gene Golub, Jim Wilkinson, John Todd (?) Jim Wilkinson introduced by A. S. Householder "Early computing days at NPL" Gene Golub, Alston Householder, Jim Wilkinson, John Todd (?) James Bunch: "Rank-one modification of the symmetric eigenproblem and of the singular value decomposition" Danny Sorensen: "Updating the decomposition of a symmetric indefinite matrix" Chandler Davis: "Norm-preserving extensions of bilinear forms" Hans Schneider: "Cones, flows and matrix scaling" Iain Duff: "Design, implementation and use of sparse unsymmetric linear equation solvers" Andrew Sherman  (Roland Sweet): "Observations on the practical direct solution of sparse nonsymmetric linear systems" John Reid: "Solution of large finite element systems of linear equations out of main storage" Charles Lawson: "Software for out-of-core solution of large dense linear least squares problems" (Gene Golub) Alan George: "Design and implementation of a sparse matrix package" Axel Ruhe: "Implementation aspects on the band Lanczos algorithm" Ake Bjorck: "Iterative solution of over-and underdetermined linear systems" Chris Paige: "Generalized linear least squares problems" Walter Murray (Virginia Klema): "Trajectory methods for nonlinear constrained optimization" William Gragg: "Cyclic rank one update methods for nonlinear least squares problems" David Gay: "Solving nonlinear equations by modifying singular values" Philip Gill: "On conjugate gradient methods for nonlinear optimization" Kunio Tanabe: "A geometric method in nonlinear programming" Jorge More, Danny Sorensen, David Gay, ? Linda Kaufman: "An indefinite quadratic programming algorithm" (Gene Golub) Olof Widlund: "Some conjugate gradient-type methods for linear systems of equations" Olof Widlund (Magnus Hestenes): "Some conjugate gradient-type methods for linear systems of equations" David Young: "On the acceleration of iterative methods" Richard Varga, Stan Eisenstat, Jim Wilkinson Richard Underwood: "A block generalization of the conjugate gradient method" Dianne O'Leary: "Block conjugate gradient algorithms" Henryk Wozniakowski: "Round-off error analysis of the conjugate gradient iterations" Owe Axelsson (Paul Concus): "On iterative solution of large sparse systems of equations with particular emphasis on boundary value problems" Gilbert Strang: "The convergence rate for the incomplete Cholesky conjugate gradient method" Thomas Manteuffel: "A factorization technique for matrices arising from finite element models" Bill Buzbee: "Relaxation techniques and the CRAY-1" Victor Pereyra Maurice Cox: "On the error analysis of certain recurrence relations associated with B-splines" A. van der Sluis: "Computing the solution of slowly varying recursions" Christof Zenger: "Improved difference schemes for the Dirichlet problem of Poisson's equation in the neighborhood of corners" Dan Warner Awarding of Householder Prize to Dan Warner by Jim Wilkinson Row 3: Victor Pereyra, William Kahan. Row 4: John Greenstadt, Paul Concus, Alan Jennings.  Row 5: David Scott, Beresford Parlett, and Petter Bjorstad. Row 6: Gene Golub, Per Ake Wedin, Axel Ruhe, Charles Lawson, Richard Hansen.  Row 7: Maurice Cox, Morvern Gentleman, Richard Brent, Linda Kaufman. Roland Glowinski: "Iterative and direct solutions of the Stokes problem via finite elements" Leslie Fox, Roland Glowinski Stanley Eisenstat: "Some observations on the conjugate gradient method"
Gallery by Sven Hammarling, and Nicholas J. Higham, School of Mathematics, The University of Manchester.
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