Linear Algebra and Its Applications Conference
Manchester, July 1995


In conjunction with the Manchester Centre for Computational Mathematics

Sponsored by The MathWorks, Inc. and Wolfram Research, Inc.

Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th July, 1995 University of Manchester

The conference aims to cover the latest developments in numerical linear algebra, matrix theory and applications of linear algebra. It immediately follows ICIAM 95 in Hamburg. The conference will consist of two and a half days of invited and contributed talks and posters, with an excursion on the Tuesday afternoon and a conference dinner on Tuesday evening. An application form to attend the conference will be available early in 1995. The deadline for abstracts is December 31, 1994. See the call for papers link below.

Organizing Committee

N. J. Higham (Chairman, University of Manchester)
I. S. Duff (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and CERFACS)
R. Fletcher (University of Dundee)
T. L. Freeman (University of Manchester)
S. J. Hammarling (NAG Ltd., Oxford)
N. K. Nichols (University of Reading)

Invited Speakers and Provisional Titles Include

40 minute talks:
R. Brualdi (Madison), Spectral radius of matrices of zeros and ones
J. W. Demmel (Berkeley), Recent progress in serial and parallel algorithms for the algebraic eigenvalue problem and singular value decomposition
G. H. Golub (Stanford)
P. C. Hansen (UNI.C, Denmark), Regularization of large-scale discrete ill-posed problems
R. A. Horn (Utah), Hadamard products, unitarily invariant norms, and perturbation bounds for the polar decomposition
G. Strang (MIT), Teaching of linear algebra
H. van der Vorst (Utrecht), A generalized Jacobi-Davidson iteration method for linear eigenvalue problems
P. Van Dooren (CESAME, Louvain la Neuve), The Schur algorithm for Toeplitz matrices
A. J. Wathen (Bristol), Iterative solution of large sparse and indefinite linear systems arising in partial differential equations
M. H. Wright (AT&T Bell Labs), Something old, something new, something borrowed: Connections between linear algebra and optimization.

30 minute talks:
Z. Bai (Kentucky), Adaptive block Lanczos algorithm for large scale non-Hermitian eigenvalue problem
A. Edelman (MIT), From dense numerical linear algebra to materials science to Riemannian geometry
N. I. M. Gould (Rutherford Appleton Lab.), The solution of large-scale linearly-constrained optimization problems
D. J. Higham (Dundee), Non-normality effects arising from a discretised evolutionary equation}
N. Mackey (Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo), Convergence of Jacobi-like methods for the symmetric eigenproblem
R. Mathias (College of William & Mary), Accurate eigenvalue computations
D. Ruiz (ENSEEIHT, Toulouse), Preconditioners for the block conjugate gradient algorithm
G. Starke (Karlsruhe), Multilevel minimal residual methods.