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10 Aug 07 - 10 Aug 07
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New Frontiers in Computational Mathematics


Saturday January 10 - Sunday January 11, 2004
Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, University of Manchester

List of participants

Name University Title Type
Rafikul Alam The University of Manchester A simple guaranteed algorithm to compute distance to nearest defective matrices TALK
Paul Anderson Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine How Tangled is Nature? A Complex Systems Approach to Evolutionary Ecology POSTER
C.P. Arun University College London Bladder Contraction is Rocket Science ! TALK
Christopher Baker The Victoria University of Manchester Model identification in mathematical biology, as an inverse problem TALK
Dario Bini Pisa Solving nonlinear matrix equations and infinite block Toeplitz systems: the role of Wiener-Hopf factorization TALK
Shreemayee Bora Technical University Berlin Stability of Eigenvalues under Linear Perturbation POSTER
Tony Chan UCLA Partial Differential Equation Methods in Image Processing and Computer Vision
Mark Chaplain Dundee Mathematical Biology TALK
Ke CHEN Liverpool On a multigrid method for solving the total variation minimization TALK
Rotchana Chieochan Leicester
Philip Davies University of Manchester Structured Conditioning of Matrix Functions POSTER
Tom Dhaene University of Antwerp on the use of reflective exploration for modellimg LTI systems TALK
Jack Dongarra University of Tennessee, Knoxville High Performance Computing Trends, the Grid, and Numerical Algorithms TALK
Aboubacar Bass S. Bagayogo University of Manitoba, Campus de Saint-Boniface A Parallel Algorithm for a Hybrid Octree Mesh Generation Technique POSTER
Peter Duck University of Manchester The growth (and suppression) of very short-scale disturbances in mixed forced-free convection boundary layers: on the imposition of downstream boundary conditions in forwards parabolic PDEs TALK
Judy Ford UMIST Discrete Wavelet Transforms Applied to Preconditioning TALK
Len Freeman University of Manchester Convergence of Feedback-guided Parallel Loop Scheduling Algorithms TALK
Jitesh Gajjar Manchester Computation of the steady Navier-Stokes equations at large Reynolds Numbers. TALK
Stef GRAILLAT Some applications of polynomial pseudozero set TALK
Sven Hammarling Level 3 BLAS Factorizations for Pivoted Cholesky and Matrix Updating POSTER
Per Christian Hansen Technical University of Denmark Large scale aspects of inverse problems TALK
Gareth Hargreaves The University of Manchester Computing the Condition Number of a Tridiagonal Matrix POSTER
Andrew Hazel University of Manchester Airway Closure: a computational study TALK
Nicholas J. Higham Manchester
Antony Hill Durham
Peter Jimack University of Leeds A Grid-based approach to the validation and testing of lubrication models TALK
Maria Lianantonakis Heriot Watt University Concurrent Registration and Fusion of multimodal images using Active Contours. Application to underwater image fusion POSTER
Bill Lionheart UMIST Inverse Problems in Electromagnetics TALK
Mikel Lujan University of Manchester OoLaLa: Object Technology for High Performance Numerical Linear Algebra TALK
Grant Lythe Leeds Statistics and dynamics of kinks with noise TALK
Athena Makroglou Univ. of Portsmouth Transformation of variable methods in the numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations of the second kind POSTER
Stephen Marsland Manchester Geodesic Interpolating Clamped-Plates Splines and Image Registration TALK
John McWhirter Polynomial Matrix Decompositions for Signal Processing - Polynomial Matrix SVD? TALK
Beatrice Meini Pisa
L. Angela Mihai University of Durham Multigrid Alternate Strip-Based Domain Decomposition for Elliptic PDE's TALK
Anna Mills Manchester Optimisation and image warping POSTER
Hitesh Mistry UMIST Mathematical Modelling for Wound Healing POSTER
Fahmi Naifar TU Delft Tracer transport in coastal regions POSTER
Francesca O'Rourke Queen's University Belfast Computer Simulations of Ion-Atom Collisions. POSTER
Yvan Petillot Heriot Watt University Concurrent Registration and Fusion of multimodal images using Active Contours. Application to underwater image fusion POSTER
Nick Polydorides UMIST Interior point methods in inverse problems TALK
Catherine Powell UMIST Optimal preconditioning for mixed finite element formulation of second-order elliptic PDEs TALK
Alison Ramage Strathclyde Preconditioned Implicit Solution of Linear Hyperbolic Equations with Adaptivity TALK
Fathalla Rihan Salford University "Data Assimilation and Numerical Weather Prediction: Doppler radial wind data" POSTER
Tony Shardlow U. Manchester
Simon Shepherd Bradford A High Performance Linear Complexity Fourier Transform TALK
David Silvester UMIST
Manuchehr Soleimani UMIST Level Set Method for Shape Reconstruction For Electrical Resistance Tomography POSTER
Ms Pisuttawan Sripirom University of Durham
Brian Straughan Durham
Carole Tham UMIST Stochastic Resonance in Vision POSTER
Christopher Thompson Cranfield University
Francoise Tisseur University of Manchester TALK
Vassilios Tsiantos Democritus University of Thrace Novel mathematical model for fast micromagnetic mimulations POSTER
Cees vanBerkel UMIST Object reconstruction from capacitive measurements POSTER
Andy Wathen Oxford Computational models for patterning on a growing butterfly TALK
Petter Wiberg Warwick Parameter estimation for partially observed SDEs TALK
Joab Winkler Sheffield Some open research issues in efficient sub-optimal basis selection for sparse coding TALK
Yubin Yan The University of Manchester Postprocessing finite element method for convection diffusion equation POSTER