Numerical Analysis and Computers---50 Years of Progress

A one and a half day conference to be held at the University of Manchester , June 16-17, 1998.

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On 21st of June 1948 the first stored-program electronic digital computer (`` the Baby'') was born at the University of Manchester. In June 1998 the University of Manchester and the City of Manchester are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the birth of the Baby. The focus of the celebrations is the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester in the afternoon on the 17th of June 1998, when a re-built Baby will be switched on. A Golden Anniversary Conference is being held June 17-19, focusing on the computing achievements of the University of Manchester and examining current research in the Department of Computer Science and future developments from academic and industrial perspectives. Details of the overall celebrations are available separately.

Nick Higham and David Silvester of the Manchester Centre for Computational Mathematics are organizing a meeting to precede the above events. It runs from 9am on Tuesday 16th June to 2pm on Wednesday 17th June. The aim of the meeting is to describe how numerical analysis has been influenced by the development of computers over the last fifty years. The meeting will comprise invited talks covering key areas including numerical linear algebra, optimisation, ODEs, PDEs and computational fluid dynamics, and will contain historical remarks, perspectives and anecdotes. The influence of high-performance computing on the future of numerical analysis will also be assessed. A dinner will be held on the Tuesday evening.

The speakers include

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