In preparation:

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P. Kant et al. Multiple droplet deposition on topography.

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G. Peng et al. Onset of viscous fingering under an elastic membrane.
Part 1
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A. Franco-Gómez et al. Bubble propagation on a ridge.

N. Bergemann, B. Smith, M. Heil & A. Juel The rheology of tempered chocolate.

A. Franco-Gómez et al. Bubble propagation on a rail: a concept for sorting bubbles by size.


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Submitted to Phys. Rev. Fluids.


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Press coverage:

Recent BBC coverage of the curling of ribbons published in PNAS:

I recently wrote a News & Views piece for Nature Physics about the paper by Al-Housseiny et al. (Nature 2012).

The airway reopening experiments were featured in EPSRC Newsline.

Work on the use of thermocapillary forces to suppress dripping from a ceiling received widespread attention with reviews in Nature Science Update, Science News  (vol.159, No. 1,p. 7, 2001), Physics Today  (February 2001) or in the AIP Physics News Update.

Experiments on the transition to turbulence in the Reynolds pipe were the focus of an article of Physics
Today, "New Experiments Set the Scale for the Onset of Turbulence in Pipe Flow'' by R. Fitzgerald in the February 2004 issue (Physics Today article on the Manchester Pipe Flow).