Research group:

Dr Lucie Ducloué PDRA (started Nov. 2014), Multiple modes of airway reopening. Funded by The Leverhulme Trust, with A. Hazel (Mathematics).
Lucie Ducloue  
Dr Nico Bergemann PDRA (started May 2016) Front propagation and reopeing of elasto-rigid models of airways. Funded by The Leverhulme Trust with A. Hazel and M. Heil (Mathematics).
Nico Bergemann  
Edgar Häner The flow and deformation of capsules in complex geometries. Funded by a UoM Presidential Scholarship
Andres Franco-Gomèz Bubble propagation in complex geometries. Funded by Conicyt
Pallav Kant

Wetting and fluid redistribution on complex surfaces


Former group members:


Dr Alice Thompson (2011-2014), Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Manchester
Dr Draga Pihler-Puzović (2011, 2012-2014), Lecturer in Physics, University of Manchester.
Dr Carl Tipton (2012-2013), Development Physicist at Tracerco - ‎Tracerco Ltd
Dr Jeffrey Prest (2012-2013), Bright water flow properties. Funded by BP, with A. Hazel (Mathematics), P. Fielden (Chem. Eng.) and P. Budd (Chemistry).
Dr Mickael Pailha
(2010-2011), Maître de conférence, LOCIE, Université de Savoie, Chambéry (France).
Dr Alberto de Lózar (2005-2007), Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorolgie, Hamburg (Germany).

PhD students:

Dr Nico Bergemann PhD University of Manchester (2015), Fluidisation of Chocolate Under Vibration. Currently, PDRA in the group.
Dr Geoffrey Dawson PhD University of Manchester (2014), The Motion of Bubbles and Capsules in Tubes of Varying Geometry. Currently, geophysicist with Getech, Leeds.
Dr Shreyas Jalikop, PhD University of Manchester (2009), Wave growth at the interface between  horizontally vibrated liquids. Currently, PDRA at the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen, Germany, with Dr B. Hof.
Dr Alexandra Heap, PhD University of Manchester (2007),
Reopening of a liquid-lined elastic tube
. Currently, lecturer at University Centre Blackburn College.
Dr Emma Talib, PhD University of Manchester (2006),
Instability of oscillatory two-layer viscous flow.
Currently, journal editor at the Applied Probability Trust.

Former visiting academics:

Dr Sungyon Lee
, UCLA - July 2011.
Prof. D. Lyubimov and T. Lyubimova, University of Perm (Russia) - Feb. 2008.

Former visiting students:

Julien Moussou
(ENS, Paris, 2012)
Michael Ji Siou (ENSEEIHT, 2012)
Romain Anankine (ENS Cachan, 2012)
Pierre Illien
(ENS Paris, 2011)
Sebastien Guillochon (IPSA Paris, 2009)
Aurelien Gaufres (Orsay Paris XI, 2009)

Former MSc students:

Hugh Rice MSc University of Manchester (2004)
Samina Ali MSc University of Manchester (2003)
Alexandra Heap MSc University of Manchester (2002).


External collaborators:

  • Dr A.L. Hazel (Mathematics, U of Manchester)
  • Prof M. Heil (Mathematics, U of Manchester)
  • Prof P. Fielden (MIB, U of Manchester)
  • Dr S. Mohr (MIB, U of Manchester)
  • Dr Sungyon Lee (UCLA)
  • Dr Simon Cox (Aberystwyth)
  • Dr Jose Bico (PMMH, ESPCI, Paris)
  • Dr Daniel Henry (Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France)
  • Dr Cathy Hollis (Earth Science, U of Manchester)
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